Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why I chose this class and favorite fairy tale

once upon a time... 
               I chose to take this class because it focuses on a topic I find very interesting.  I love to read and fairy tales/fantasy stories are my favorite genre.  I’ve heard many reasons for and against children reading fairy tales; mainly focusing on gender stereotypes and teaching bad morals to children.  This course seems like it will allow me to read some fairy tales from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints.  I also love reading modern retellings of old stories and I like the current TV show, “Once Upon a Time”, that take elements from many fairy and folk tales.  I’m happy to be able to take a class on a topic I enjoy in free time.

            In this class, I hope to gain a better understanding of fairy and folk tales and the various ways that they can be read, interpreted, and analyzed.  I’m interested in reading various versions of well-known tales, especially beyond the European Grimm tales that I’m most familiar with. 

            My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast.  I especially love the Disney version of this story.  The animation is beautiful and the story is modified to have a perfect happy ending.  I also like to think that I can relate to Belle’s character some, since I love to read as well.  I enjoy the many modern variations of this story that I’ve read; most especially Beastly by Alex Flinn, Beauty by Robin McKinley, and Belle by Cameron Dokey.  These stories all convey the basic plot of the story and also offer subtle variations too.  This story has often been called sexist and ‘bad’ for young girls, since Belle is treated badly before taming the Beast; however I have always considered it my favorite.  I understand that the stories aren’t real and most likely could never happen as they are told, but I love the escapist quality of all fairy tales. 
This is my favorite clip from the Disney movie.  Since I'm an art major, I find the Baroque pun very funny.  It was a reference I never understood as a child.

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