Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

            (the cartoon is copyrighted so this is a screenshot of the comic from my computer)
             This cartoon shows a modernized aspect of the classic fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood”.  It was created by Mark Parisi and is from Offthemark.com.  
          In the version of classic tale by the Brothers Grimm, when Little Red meets the wolf in the forest he already knows her name and greets her by it.  She continues on to tell the wolf far too much information about what she has and where her grandmother lives.  This idea is alarming to readers, in that it conveys the naivety and stupidity of Little Red.  All young children in today’s world, especially little girls, are taught to never give too much information away to strangers who ask.  However, with the advent of the internet and other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, it is entirely possible to be “friends” with or to “follow” someone you have never actually met.  Additionally, who isn’t guilty of friend requesting or accepting a request from someone you only met once or twice at brief events?  How can this plausibly be considered a friendship?  Many people have their entire life’s history available to be viewed on these sites, and this is equally as dangerous and stupid as Little Red’s actions with the wolf. 
            This cartoon seems to be conveying a social message to viewers.  There’s always countless news stories of young girls who have been found based on things they have posted on the internet.  Most recently, the sports story involving Manti Te’o and his alleged “girlfriend” demonstrate the power the internet has to connect and deceive people without ever having to physically meet. 
            I think this cartoon is amusing when taken on face value.  It is funny to think how different the story would be if it was more modern and the characters had access to sites like Facebook.  But on a deeper level, this cartoon displays the pervasiveness of the internet in the present day.  It represents a dangerous tool for ‘wolf’-like characters out in the world.  It’s important to proceed with caution on the internet and to not believe everything that you see there. 

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